Roof Leak

There are many reasons for a leaking roof:

  • Age of Your Roof
  • Chimney
  • Plumbing
  • Skylights
  • Blocked Gutter

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The 8 most common reasons for a leaking roof:

  • Age of Your Roof – age is the primary factor which causes a roof to leak.  Over time, materials such as roof tiles and metal roof can deteriorate due to continual expansion and contraction along with wear and tear from the weather.  The integrity of some roof structures can be affected by time and age. 
  • Chimney – a sure-fire way to cause a leak in a roof is to make a hole in it and that is exactly what a chimney aperture is.  A chimney stack can be professionally sealed and protected to ensure it is as watertight as possible however, it is still a risk for your roof.
  • Plumbing – similar to your chimney, there may come a time when a plumber must run a pipe through your roof.  Exhaust flues, vent pipes and fan ducts all need to be plumbed through your roof space into the open thus creating a hole which must be sealed.  Even when professionally flashed and sealed, these points are where a potential leak can initiate.
  • Skylights – skylights help to create light and airy feeling in the dwelling where natural light is limited and for the most part, they a good at resisting leaks.  This can change over time and if you notice water staining around the Skylight edges, give us a call to get it checked.
  • Blocked Gutter – water needs to flow somewhere and if your gutters are full of leaves and other debris, that somewhere is not going to be where you want it.  To prevent water flowing back into vulnerable places in your roof, give your gutters a regular clean and ensure the water can be easily transported away.
  • Dodgy Flashing – flashing is very useful for sealing over joins and other points where water can potentially leak in, but it needs to be installed correctly.  If flashing is faulty or substandard, you are at risk of potential leaks. 
  • Box Gutter – internal Box Gutters can be a nightmare when they are not designed and installed correctly.  If they are in locations where leaf debris can accumulate this can cause blockages and overflows leading to roof leaks during storms.  Old box gutters can rust out and develop leaks.  Get your gutters checked to ensure they operate efficiently and effectively during storm season.
  • Valley Gutter – valley gutters collect water from two pitched sections of roof and channel rainfall run off down to the lower perimeter gutters.  Wind velocity and direction, along with the sheer volume of rain can cause excess water to spill over the edge of older valley gutters where turn backs have been crushed and flattened.  Most walking on roofs is done up and down valley areas because it is the safest however, untrained feet can cause valley gutter problems and create leaks.

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