Downpipe Replacement

Downpipe is the piping that drains water out of your gutters. It plays a very important role in drainage and if improperly installed it can lead to property damage.

Downpipes are typically installed along with guttering. It is designed to work as a complete system to allow for fast and easy drainage of water. It directs the flow and ensures it goes into the correct storm water drains.

When downpipes break down, water will build up in the gutters as it cannot drain away. This can lead to water damage on your property and is why we recommend having adequate downpipes installed.

Why would I need downpipe installed?

Typically, downpipes are installed during construction of your property. It is an integral part of the drainage system of your house. You may need more downpipes installed if you have had an extension built recently or if you are noticing that your gutters are often overflowing.

You may also need a new downpipe installed if your existing system becomes damaged beyond repair. This can occur if damage is not repaired quickly or if blockages cause the piping to burst.

As it is a legal requirement to ensure that storm water run-off is properly drained, downpipes are a good way of getting peace of mind that your house is compliant. Positive Plumbing Qld have the experience and expertise to quickly and easily install downpipes on your property.

Can I install downpipe myself?

The DIY route is not recommended for downpipe installation. The reason being that it is such an integral part of your property’s drainage system and a small mistake can become a costly repair. Worse still, if you install it incorrectly it may not be immediately apparent. You might only discover the mistake when water damage occurs.

Why would I need downpipe repairs?

Downpipes are exposed to the elements, especially storm water. The wear and tear it suffers during storm season can lead to blockages and erosion. Over time, this can lead to the pipe rusting or breaking. Repairing the pipe is more economical than replacing it but does require catching the damage early.

Positive Plumbing Qld are trained to provide you with advice as to whether your downpipe can be repaired or needs to be replaced giving you peace of mind that our work will last.