Why is my water bill so high?

This may be the result of a leak in the water service which does not always appear as a wet spot outside. Often, the first sign of a burst water pipe is an excessive water bill.

Is there a reason my pipes vibrate/hammer?

The three most common reasons for this are: pipes not clipped correctly; faulty shut-off valves; or tap washers bouncing.

Why is there an odour coming from my floor wastes?

This is the result of a build up of body grease/hair catching in the floor waste. It can easily be fixed by pouring 1-part baking soda and 2-parts vinegar into the drain, wait ½ hour then rinse the drain with hot water.

I don’t have any hot water, why?

Before calling a Plumber check if the pilot light on a Gas Hot Water Unit has gone out and needs reigniting. On Electric Hot Water Units this may be the result of a faulty element. If this is the case, call an Electrician.

What can I do to fix my toilet when the water keeps running?

This is usually a sign that the flush pipe rubber/valve is worn and needs replacing.

What causes drain blockages?

Drain blockages can be caused by tree roots or movement in the earth cracking the pipe enabling the tree roots to enter the pipe and cause them to hold water. Over a period of time the pipes become blocked preventing the water/waste to pass freely through them. We use either a Jet Rodder, Electric Eel or Hand Rods to unblock the drain and then send the CCTV Drain Camera in to determine the location and cause of the blockage accurately repair the drain.